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Malaysian Department of Survey and Mapping to a implement ‘Fast Mapping System’

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (DSMM), the government agency responsible for all topographic mapping in Malaysia, has chosen Intergraph’s GIS, cartographic, and photogrammetric solutions for its new Fast Mapping System. The Fast Mapping System is designed to provide speedy geospatial data to the various departments within the Malaysian government.

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia’s mandate is to develop an enterprise GIS and mapping system that produces sophisticated, integrated spatial information in a variety of digital products and is readily available to the country’s decision makers within various government departments. Interoperability will be key to quickly generating and delivering accurate geospatial data including terrain models, satellite photography, and fly-through simulations.

Upgrading from standalone UNIX rapid map scanning and publishing Solutions from Intergraph, DSMM required an integrated, expanded solution with interoperability across multiple GIS, cartographic, and photogrammetric applications. In addition, the department needed to produce digital mapping output in international standard formats and as vector line maps and orthophotos. The department’s choice to implement Intergraph’s solutions supports its need for an open technology approach. Antaragrafik, an authorized Intergraph Reseller in Malaysia, is working with DSMM to help the organization make the transition to the new Intel/Windows environment.

Source: Media Relations, Integraph, USA.