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Malaysia to determine govt project locations via GIS

Malaysia: The Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in Malaysia will launch a GIS application this year which will help government agencies better identify a suitable location for their projects.

Dato Rosni Abdul Malek, Director of the National Databank and Innovation Centre, at the Implementation Coordination Unit at the PMO, said that location plays a key part to the success of the project and having the ability to assess a project’s intended location can help curb wasteful projects.

“When ministries apply for funding for new projects they also have to indicate its location so that our economic planning unit can check and verify if the location is suitable for the nature of the project.”

“We’ve had problems where we discover locations selected turned out to be unsuitable for the project. We wanted to avoid such instances as such; we felt the need to develop a GIS system that can help us and other government ministries identify or redirect the location of their project where we know they can achieve maximum results and where people can really benefit from it,” she said.

Source: Future Gov