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Malaysia lowers crime rate using GIS

Kulaijaya, Malaysia: Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, said that the government’s measures to reduce crime rate have boosted the confidence of foreign investors in the country, as foreign investments rose to MYR 33 billion (MYR: Malaysian Ringgit) in 2011 from MYR 29 billion in 2007. “In 2011, the country’s overall crime index dropped by 11 per cent compared to 2010, far exceeding the five per cent target,” Yassin said after inaugurating the Johor Safe City Programme.  
Under the Safe City Programme several measures like separating pedestrian walkways from motorcycle lanes, installation of security mirrors, CCTV cameras, better lighting and security alarms and crime mapping through GIS were used.
Yassin further stated that 15 local authorities in Johor have been allocated RM26.1 million to install 88 CCTV cameras, erect guardrails separating 13km of pedestrian walkways and routes for motorised vehicles, put up 281 security mirrors at corners of lanes between buildings and install 909 street lights.
These measures have reduced street crime in the state by 14.4 per cent and serious crime by 15.5 per cent last year, he said, adding that the reduction far exceeded the national average decline of 7.7 per cent and 10.2 per cent, respectively.
Yassin further added that Malaysia rose from 26th position in 2009 to 19th last year among 153 countries in the Global Peace Index in terms of improvement in security and peace.
Source: New Straits Times