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Malaysia incorporates GIS-based flood mitigation project

Malaysia: Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID), Malaysia, incorporated the Integrated Flood Forecasting and River Monitoring (IFFRM) system for the Klang Valley, which has been designed to accurately forecast floods in the Klang River Basin.

This new system integrates future rainfall based on radar data, numerical weather prediction model, a high density network of telemetry rainfall and water level stations, and GIS-based real-time flood forecasting model.

DID director-general Datuk Ahmad Husaini Sulaiman said that the system can predict floods in the Klang Valley. “As Klang river has shorter lag times from the upper part of the river to its river mouth of around one to three hours, it is not possible to provide warning up to more than 24 hours. However, a lead time of one to four hours is possible,” he added.  

The main flood control centre of FFRIM is at the Water Resources Management and Hydrology Division in DID Malaysia and the secondary flood monitoring facilities are at the Federal Territory DID and Selangor DID.

Husaini stated that all stations will monitor the flood situation and warn the relevant authorities for flood relief operations. The public will also be alerted via Infobanjir.

“The Infobanjir service, which was initiated in 2000, is useful in gathering and disseminating flood information. It has been an effective system for DID personnel at the district and state levels to monitor the flood situation and relay the information to the respective flood operation centres for relief operations,” he explained.

Source: New Straits Times