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Malaysia curbs illegal logging using geospatial tech

Malaysia: Number of illegal logging cases nationwide declined as the Forestry Department extensively used remote sensing and GIS technology to trap illegal loggers, according to Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department enforcement director Zahari Ibrahim. He said there were 54 cases last year, and as of this October, only 17 cases were reported, including illegal felling in both forest reserves and government land.
“The enforcement division has cracked down on illegal logging activities and loggers are wary of continuing this illicit business. Today, the percentage of illegal logs going out of the forests is an insignificant 0.01 per cent,” Ibrahim added.
In addition, Sarawak Forestry Department managing director Ali Yusop said the number of illegal logging cases there had dropped tremendously with 51 cases in 2007 and as of this October, only 10 cases reported. “In 2009, there were 41 cases but last year the numbers dropped to only 14 and this is due to effective enforcement.”
It was reported recently that the Forestry Department was testing a new device which uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to curb illegal logging. The German devices have been tagged individually fitted to trees to record legally-felled trees. RFID tracked log movement from tree felling till deployment at a saw mill.
Source: www.nst.com.my