Malawi to undertake water quality mapping

Malawi to undertake water quality mapping


Malawi: The Government of Malawi, through the Ministry of Water Development and Irrigation, has secured a credit/grant from the World Bank to finance the second phase of the National Water Development Project (NWDP II).

Under the Water Resources Management Component of the NWDP II, the Ministry will come up with groundwater and water quality maps depicting characteristics of aquifers and water quality parameters in the country. The overall objective of this study is to map out groundwater aquifers including yields, and water quality parameters to improve the understanding of groundwater occurrence and quality in the country for an informed water resource planning, management and development. Hydro-geological and water quality maps will also be produced.

This project is designed to assist the government of Malawi to improve the development and management of the nation’s water resources and ensuring the delivery of efficient, reliable and sustainable water supply, and sanitation services that will benefit people in the country.

Source: Geospatial World Tenders