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Makkah govt to track criminals using GIS

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: The Makkah Governorate, Saudi Arabia, partnered with eight local governments, security services and IT bodies to monitor criminals on the run and those who confiscate public properties. Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal asked the newly established body to use the GIS within a maximum period of three months to decide the whereabouts of wanted escapees.

The partnership comprises Jeddah Governorate, the National information Center (NIC), the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), the general security, the Taif Governorate, the Makkah municipality, the Makkah police and the committee to supervise lands and prevent encroachments in Makkah.

The Department of Studies and Public Relations at the Makkah Governorate said in a statement that the move taken by the governor is a beginning of the implementation of a number of recommendations made by a workshop aimed at initiating a mechanism to help in catching people wanted for the enforcement of court orders.

The recommendations asked the Makkah police to liaise with NIC in using the GIS system in investigations and criminal search. They asked SAMA to coordinate with the NIC in determining the automated teller machines used by criminals to apprehend them quickly.

The recommendations also called for coordination between the general security and the local media to run a campaign to enlighten people about the need to safeguard the properties of citizens and expatriates.

Source: Arab News