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Majority of NSW councils performing geospatial tasks manually: 1Spatial GIS survey

Australia, October 27, 2014: 1Spatial Group has released the results of a survey of Australian local government organisations’ use of geospatial data. The survey found that over half (52%) of the 29 NSW councils surveyed spend most of their time performing manual processes when working with or managing geospatial data.

The survey which was conducted in August 2014, found that staff and skills limitations (48% of councils) and budget constraints (48%) are the most common factors preventing councils from doing more with GIS systems or maps to provide more map-based solutions to their staff and to the public. The report also states that 38% of the respondent felt that quality levels of geospatial data is not currently fit for providing more map-based solutions and 28% have no clear GIS or mapping strategy to guide future geospatial objectives.

“Survey findings about the prevalence of manual processes and staff and skill limitations are a concern,” said Martin Gregory, Country Manager for 1Spatial Australia. “Many councils are being forced to perform geospatial data management tasks manually because their data is not readily accessible and fit for purpose in terms of quality and integration with other council datasets.

“On the plus side, smart geospatial technologies deployed for in-field editing, data quality validation/improvement and data integration could help councils provide more map-based solutions,” said Gregory. “With improved geospatial data quality and integration, councils could automate more responses to their common mapping requests such as producing reports and contributing to emergency services plans – all with the press of a button – freeing up valuable time for the councils’ skilled GIS staff.”

Source: 1Spatial