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Major US federal agencies migrating to cloud

US: Within one year, 25 US federal agencies would have migrated a total of 78 systems to the cloud, according to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), US. The document, released by OMB, follows last December’s instructions for federal agencies to identify three services that they could move to the cloud by May 2012.

The services identified for cloud includes email, website hosting, document management, and geospatial services. Both the Department of Transportation and NASA will be using cloud-based geospatial services. NASA is launching [email protected], which will let users will help quantify uncertainty in existing weather and climate models. This service will allow NASA to collaborate directly with citizens in using NASA’s Earth Science data and modelling capabilities.

Within education, up to 6200 inboxes will be moved to the cloud along with data on “key education and civil rights issues” in US public schools.

The General Service Administration (GSA) is also moving its 17,000 users’ emails to the cloud along with its power management service for GSA workstations. The power management MaaS360 will help GSA see over USD 400,000 in cost avoidance due to reduced power costs.

Source: FutureGov