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Major Roads Maps available on PDA by Mapopolis.Com

Mapopolis.Com has announced the immediate availability of Major Roads Maps, which can be used to generate cross-state and cross-country routes. Traveling sales people, truck drivers, and tourists alike can use the Major Roads Maps to guide them on their journey, nation-wide, with turn-by-turn, address-to-address directions.

The new release works with Mapopolis’ Viewer for the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms. The new software is available at www.mapopolis.com in conjunction with Mapopolis Navigator ($99.95), Platinum ($34.95) and Platinum +GPS ($44.95) subscriptions.
“Now you can tour the country,” said Mapopolis Vice President Jeremy Straub, “previously, we were focusing on in-region navigation; this new release marks our entrance into the longdistance routing market.” Providing long-distance routing positions the company to better serve its existing customers and attract new customers whose needs would not have been completely met without the long-distance capability.

Particularly useful is that the entire solution is PDA-based. There is no need to limit the journey by downloading only a corridor of data surrounding your intended route. As all of the routing occurs right on the PDA, you can change your route numerous times throughout your trip without needing to reconnect to a desktop or to the internet to generate new routes or get a new corridor of data.
Simply load the Major Roads Maps for any states that you want to route through, then load the county maps for your origin and destination. The PDA now contains all of the information needed to route and re-route you on your journey.

Building upon the original release of Mapopolis for PalmOS in 1999 which was limited to locating streets and intersections, the company has expanded to offer a full line of products which provide dynamic navigation rivaling expensive in-car systems. Mapopolis customers include General Electric Interlogix, Police & Fire departments, the United States Probation Office and hundreds of thousands of consumers nation-wide. Customers use Mapopolis on their Pocket PC, PalmOS or RIM/Blackberry device to find addresses, generate directions and provide “heads-up” dynamic navigation.