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Major Irrigation System Manufacturer selects DeLorme Xmap 4.5

DeLorme, the developers of accessible geospatial software and data solutions of US, has recently announced that its XMap 4.5 software has been adopted by T-L Irrigation Co., a major manufacturer of center pivot irrigation systems to aid in the sale and setup of its products.

T-L Irrigation Co. of Hastings, NE chose XMap 4.5 because it is economically priced, easy to use and because its mapping, editing and GPS features provide the high-productivity capabilities the company’s field personnel and dealers require.

XMap 4.5 is used in conjunction with SAT10 satellite imagery (available in DeLorme’s Aerial Data Packets) to quickly and accurately locate the center of an agricultural field and overlay the correct number of spans and towers for irrigation. In addition, DeLorme Earthmate GPS receivers are employed to capture location coordinates for wells. XMap 4.5 is then used to map those well locations with pin-point accuracy. With its 3-D terrain capabilities, XMap 4.5 can display the optimum path for water supply lines. T-L Irrigation also utilizes XMap 4.5 as an effective presentation tool to show end users how the installed system would appear on their fields, in 3-D.