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Maine Department of Conservation launches new website

The Maine Department of Conservation in US has launched a new website which provides quick Internet access to map information maintained by the department. After more than a year of planning, programming and testing, the department’s new Internet Mapping Site (IMS) provides direct access to information from the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), the Maine Forest Service (MFS) and the Maine Geological Survey (MGS) through the use of interactive maps.

Visitors to the LURC Zone Viewer page will be able to locate LURC zones and Maine Revenue tax parcels for anywhere in the Unorganized Territories and create a map that displays this information. Visitors to the Maine Forest Service website can locate sawmills and log concentration yards statewide, create maps of these facilities, forestry districts and quarantine areas on the Sawmill Finder page. Thousands of digital geological maps are available for free download through the Maine Geological Survey’s Publication Search page. Users of this site can search for maps by geographic area or search the geology bibliography by keyword. The Maine Geological Survey has also completely reorganized and enhanced all of its web pages to provide easier access to geological information. This Internet mapping site has been created with support and cooperation from several departments and agencies including Conservation and Administration and Finance, Maine Revenue Services.