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Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran wins

Mumbai, India, 24 November 2006 – The Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran has bagged the “BE Award of Excellence” in Geospatial Public Works category. Dr. S.V. Dahasahasra, Chief Engineer and his team at Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran prepared a hydraulic model entitled, “Disaster Management – Interlinking of Water Works in Mumbai Metropolitan Area”, which will be useful for more than 10 cities in the region in combating risk management. The model suggests modus operandi of how a metropolitan city can get alternative water supply if its water supply fails in disaster.

Located on the west coast of India, the Mumbai metropolitan area in India regularly receives heavy rainfalls during the monsoon season. Spread across an area of 4,355 square kilometers with a population of about 32 million, Mumbai encompasses 14 independent waterworks providing water to 14 cities.

In July of 2005, Mumbai received record-breaking rains of 944 millimeters over a 24-hour period. This deluge brought the entire area to a standstill—roads were inundated, railway services were interrupted, and the water supply from crucial utilities was disrupted.

Most of the waterworks were also in trouble. At the most adversely affected waterworks, in the suburb of Ambernath Badlapur, the reservoir gates were washed away, leaving the area severely depleted of potable water and the entire water supply operation shut down.

During this emergency, an interconnection from another waterworks’ pipelines passing through this area was desperately needed. After checking the hydraulic feasibility, the interconnections were made and the water supply was restored to a satisfactory level.

In the aftermath of this calamity and all of the associated financial losses, a committee was formed to study the feasibility of interlinking the waterworks permanently. The goal was to safeguard the water supply of this economically critical region and alleviate the impact of future floods. The Mumbai metropolitan area was chosen as the location for the study and Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran was designated to create the disaster mitigation plan.

Bentley water solutions—WaterCAD, SewerCAD, Darwin Calibrator, and Darwin Designer—were deployed to prepare a base map of the Mumbai metropolitan region showing the key features of the current water supply system. The hydraulic models of the individual water supply systems were created on this base map, and these hydraulic models were calibrated with respect to field pressures and flow.

The water supply systems were then checked for maximum and feasible overloading conditions. In other words, if there were disruptions in the water supply in one part of the network, the other systems should be capable of absorbing the overload to supply water to the disrupted part of the network.

The team created various failure scenarios with each of the waterworks and identified the affected areas in terms of deficit in water supply. Various alternative interconnections were analyzed to determine their ability to work as acceptable remedies to the affected areas; this involved checking the feasibility of each proposed interconnection in the field from a construction and operations standpoint.

“In a disaster mitigation plan, it is essential to divert water from one unaffected source to the severely affected part of the water supply network,” noted Dr. Dahasahasra.

“The operating of different valves was essential to simulate nodal demands and regulation of pressures. WaterCAD provided different valves, including ones to throttle the pressures and adjust the flows in critical links.”

The process of simulating disasters, anticipating challenges with the remedies, and managing the salvaging and interconnection of waterworks was documented, and a final reference guide was created documenting how to approach and solve potential problems arising from disasters. Developing alternative interconnections and establishing their feasibility with WaterCAD cut the design cycle time by about a year and led to savings of about US$2 million.

Dr. Dahasahasra concluded, “The analysis of the water distribution system used to be a tough and tedious job. But Bentley’s water solutions can perform these tasks easily with a user-friendly approach. They provide a number of alternatives and scenarios that helped to complete a disaster mitigation plan for the Mumbai metropolitan area.”

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