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Magnetic cards to help trace missing Hajis

In order to overcome the problem of missing Hajis, authorities are planning to issue pilgrims with magnetic cards that will trace their movements by satellite within the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

“The card is designed for illiterate Haj pilgrims and this would help the Haj organizing groups to locate the pilgrim if they are found missing,” Adviser to the Ministry of Haj Naif Al-Awaygyl told Arab News, adding that a good number of such pilgrims tend to get lost in the massive crowd and find it difficult to return to their accommodation.

He pointed out that the magnetic card which will be linked to GPS, will track the lost pilgrim immediately. “It is a wireless system carried out by a control room,” he said. The cards will be issued to illiterate pilgrims in addition to the wrist bands issued by the Haj Ministry. These cards should always be in the possession of the pilgrim, the adviser added.