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Magnetek joins ESRI’s business partner program

Magnetek, Inc. announced that it has joined the Business Partner Program of ESRI, a GIS software field. Magnetek, a manufacturer of digital power supplies, systems and controls used in many industrial, commercial and consumer applications, will integrate ESRI’s Arc View GIS software with Magnetek’s HIQgrid digital control system. This system monitors, controls and predicts the life of electrical equipment such as streetlights and distribution transformers that are powered by or integral parts of the electric utility grid. Installed on remote IBM eServers, ESRI’s Arc View software enables the HIQgrid system to pinpoint locations of equipment in need of maintenance, repair or replacement anywhere on the utility grid, making it easy for technicians to respond to fault and failure signals.

Magnetek’s HIQgrid system is the power monitoring and control systems capable of transferring complex data streams on the utility grid via power-line modems. The system consists of digital control units positioned at numerous points along the power line. These units capture and relay coded data to collection “nodes” utilizing proprietary software algorithms that “isolate” the digital data streams from the high-voltage electric current being carried on the same conductors. The collection nodes, in turn, communicate the data via ISDN, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or microwave to remote servers for central monitoring and control. The HIQgrid system has been successfully demonstrated on streetlights in the city of Copenhagen with collection nodes at 1.5-kilometer (0.9-mile) intervals. Deployed on a citywide basis, the HIQgrid system with Arc View is expected to reduce street lighting costs substantially. It is applicable anywhere in the world, and it may be used in other utility grid applications such as distribution transformer monitoring and automated meter reading.