Madrid to use 3D data from aerial photos for urban planning

Madrid to use 3D data from aerial photos for urban planning


Spain: Madrid City Council has obtained 10,779 aerial photographs of the city taken from a plane flying at 4,000 metres. These images will be put together to create a comprehensive aerial view of the city. The council plans to use this aerial imagery as the basis of its General Urban Plan.

3D data collected for Madrid - Credits: TELEMADRID

The high-resolution photographs were taken in seven days at a project cost of 245,901 euros. The images were taken in such a manner that each frame overlaps 80% of the previous one. As a result of this overlap, it was possible to have up to nine dimensional aerial photographs of each point of the city. This allowed huge amounts of details to be captured easily. The council plans to use these images for management and development of the urban plan. It will also be used for emergency services.

Currently all the 2D data including aerial imagery is kept online for public and palnners by the Municipality at Visualizador Urbanístico

Madrid Visualizador Urbanístico, that currently provides data for public