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Madhya Pradesh to launch e-governance in 51,000 villages

Madhya Pradesh (India)is taking a major step towards spreading e-governance to all its 51,000 villages. From the Gandhi Jayanti this year, it will launch its “village watch” online programme bringing all the villages in live contact with the Internet.

“This is an expression of our commitment to use the information technology for the masses. We are making the process of governance as transparent as possible,” chief Minister Digvijay Singh said while making a presentation at the programme.

Now all data pertaining to the Government facilities like, schools, healthcare, drinking water etc, that are incorporated in an 11-point basic services programme will be available to village folks at the click of the mouse. “Not only that, the people can even lodge a complaint or make a suggestion on-line. This online e-governance programme covering all the villages is an extension of the annual village contact drive undertaken by the chief Minister every year to conduct an on-the-spot check of the ground reality. “Now we can have data online, and also verify it physically during our visits to the villages,” Mr Singh said.

The National Informatics Centre has developed software for the programme, and the responsibility for updating the data rests with nodal officers that have been deputed for every village. These officers are expected to visit the villages under their jurisdiction every month, and update the data. In case of any flaw or irregularity, they will be pulled-up for the shortcomings.

The Economic Times