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Macau uses satellite data to curb land encroachment

China: Cartography and Cadastre Bureau of Macau has introduced high-tech measures to prevent encroachment of lands across the territory – especially in the Taipa and Coloane area. Bureau Director Chan Hon Peng said that authority has been using satellite maps to monitor the changes of lands across the territory, including any encroachment of government lands.    

Speaking on the sidelines of the 7th Cross-strait Academic Seminar on Lands, he said the high-tech policy has been useful in recent years in spotting any unauthorised construction works or illegal structures on public lands, which will be immediately referred to the relevant departments including the Lands, Public Works and Transport Bureau for follow-up action. He said the measures had been successful in curbing the continuous rise of encroachment of public lands, after the authority’s high-profile and frequent actions against illegal occupiers were stepped-up.   
Chan said that the Cartography and Cadastre Bureau’s satellite images are much more precise and clear than Google Map, but due to copyright reasons the images may not be uploaded to the internet for public use.

The Seminar congregated over 120 scholars from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland, in a two-day conference held in the Macau Science Museum. The themes of academic exploration in the seminars included land development and re-usage, land database build-up, land and environmental assessment, land and urbanization, as well as land and economic development.  

Source: Macaudaily Times