Home News ‘Macau must review urban planning law’

‘Macau must review urban planning law’

Macau: Before drafting a new law for land management Macau Government must review the urban planning law, observed legislator Gabriel Tong Io Cheng during TDM Talk Show. If the two laws are not working together, “you will have a system that is not complete,” Gabriel Tong warned.

The public consultation period for the new land law ended last February and authorities have yet to set a timeframe for when the draft will be sent to the Legislative Assembly (AL) for approval. The revised land law was slated to reach the Executive Council in the third quarter this year. “The proposal is already launched,” Tong informed.

Meanwhile, local experts have also warned that the urban planning system was closely linked to the new land law and, as such, the two laws should be enforced at the same time. Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau director Jaime Carion reassured last December that all pieces of the puzzle would ultimately fit together. “Everything will have to be integrated. Both the land law and the urban planning system are being prepared simultaneously.”

Source: www.macaudailytimes.com.mo