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LYNX – Lawrence and Mayo partners with Pentax for latest innovation in land surveying in India

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LYNX – Lawrence and Mayo has partnered with Pentax, a brand associated with the root company – TI Asahi Co., Ltd. based out of Japan. The conducive partnership entails marketing the latest innovation in Total Station land surveying products in India devised by Pentax.

The evolution in Total Station land surveying has been brought about by the development team at Pentax with their high-precision, intuitive software coupled with lenses for accurate measurements of the land. The features of the product include:

  1. Colour display
  2. Android-based Total Station-First Android-based total Station Worldwide
  3. Large 5” screen
  4. Two sides identical display
  5. Inbuilt GPS systems
  6. Inbuilt Compass
  7. Long Battery Life
  8. IP 56 water rating can be used even in light rain

These salient features are a significant leap in the use of technology in modern land surveys when compared to its previous versions. The Total Station surveying equipment, available in a variety of models, leverages the mobile phone to operate remotely, perform data transfers, possess an enhanced display for a better viewing experience, and saves time overall.

Since 1982, Pentax has been associated with LYNX in India, with 12% of the market share belonging to the latter. The Japan-based land surveying instruments will be marketed all over India and exclusively by LYNX. Speaking about the partnership, the (designation, person’s name) from Pentax states, (quote here).

Speaking about the partnership with LYNX – Lawrence & Mayo, Mr. Tanaka hidehiko, President, TI Asahi Co. Ltd. said, “Our goal is to fully meet the needs of the world of surveying by aiming at true performance. TI Asahi has pursued this timeless theme since the founding of the business in 1933, by inheriting the mantle of “true manufacturing”.  In this sense Lawrence & Mayo is our ideal business partner who is working for and with us in India.  We will together work with Lawrence & Mayo to continue with our single-minded approach, focusing on true performance to serve each surveyor in this country.”

Discussing the strategy of the future of Pentax in India, Mr. Glenford D’Souza, Senior General Manager, Lynx – Lawrence & Mayo, said, ““We at Lynx have been driving innovation in advanced land surveying technology and Pentax has been our steady partner in this journey. We are delighted to be able to introduce yet another innovation in the Indian Land Surveying industry, to add to our range of advanced and futuristic technology to our portfolio. We will be strategically deploying these products to create an integrated and specialized service/solution offering to our existing and potential clients. We look forward to a long term and fruitful partnership.”

The surveying sector has witnessed modernization powered by technology in a plethora of its accompanying equipment. This is also one of the key factors that are driving the growth of the total station market in India and an ever-increasing demand for these instruments. Furthermore, with the rise of smart cities in India, the demand for the need of modern land surveying products like Total Station offers huge potential in the future,