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Luokung Technology announces cooperation with China-LBS for Big Data Integrated Management Platform

China: Luokung Technology Corp , one of global leading spatial-temporal big-data processing technology company, a leading interactive location-based services company in China, has announced its strategic partnership with Beidou Navigation and Location Service (Beijing) Limited (“ChinaLBS”), which is the builder and operator of Beidou Navigation and Location Service Industrial Public Platform. The partnership aims at providing a leading spatial-temporal big data platform service in the area of intelligent transportation to the Company’s users.

ChinaLBS has been made the designated public platform for location-based services by Beijing government. ChinaLBS’ platform has significant data resources in the navigation and location-based services industry, including aerial images data, satellite images data, digital elevation models, vector topography, geographical names database, navigation electronic maps, nautical charts and navigation channel charts, meteorological and hydrological data, users’ location data of terminals. The platform also has significant shared bicycle tracks, transport and personal vehicle tracks in Beijing area. The accumulated data is over 200T (TrillionByte). In addition, it provides lane-level high-precision location-based services on top of its lane data with centi-meter level accuracy for the express way.

Luokung processes the world leading spatial-temporal cloud indexing technology and vector data processing technology, which can quickly unlock the value of the data through efficient processing of massive spatial-temporal data.

Combining the strength of the massive data resources of Beidou navigation and location, and Luokung’s advanced technology in dynamic location data analysis, HD Map and real-time analysis, the partnership allows Luokung to further extend the reach and capability of its urban traffic neural network, and to provide the foundation for Autonomous Driving, Intelligent Network, Smart Traffic and Smart City.

Luokung will provide ChinaLBS with stable, elastic, efficient spatial-temporal cloud computing support based on its full-vector, non-slicing mobile internet map. The two parties will jointly build a public location service platform for information interchanging, data sharing, resource integration and application integration.

Both parties will promote the application of Beidou, offer innovative location-based services in wide range of business scenarios, and jointly build a full Spatial-temporal Big Data Integrated Management Platform in the area of intelligent transportation that covers expressway, inland marine, fleet operation, travel sharing and other applications. They will together create a bright future for spatial-temporal services.