Ludhiana city in India to go digital

Ludhiana city in India to go digital


Ludhiana, India
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, with the help of the Punjab Remote Sensing Department, is planning to get digital mapping of the entire city carried out at a total project cost of Rs 3.5 crore. The project has already started in Kitchlu Nagar and adjoining areas and the Remote Sensing Department aims to complete it in a year. Ludhiana has become the first city in the state to have such a project.

A demonstration on the project was recently given by MC Commissioner A K Sinha at the Remote Sensing Centre. P K Sharma, Director of the Remote Sensing Centre, said, “A property survey of each and every house, using modern tools of GIS and GPS, will be done. Hence, a unique 17-digit ID will be created for every house where information regarding house tax, sewerage and water bills etc will also be available. In addition to this, one can also make online payments.”

The survey will be done via a high-resolution American satellite in which mapping of roads, parks and houses will be carried out. MC and Remote Sensing Department staff will also be distributing a proforma to every residential and commercial owner and the data will be fed on the website.

Source: Indian Express