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Lucknow (India) to make property records available online

LUCKNOW: The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has scheduled the launch of its much awaited website www.ldalucknow.co.in for Jan 15. The portal would enable an allottee to get the details of any property in Lucknow at the click of the mouse. All one needs is to type the property number (e.g. 1/6 Vishesh Khand, Gomtinagar) and the computer would flash the name of the owner, property’s registry number and the number of installments paid. One can also type his name and get all such essential details.

“We want an applicant to have an easy access to all the details of property available in Lucknow,” said LDA vice-chairman Mukesh Meshram. He said that allotment and registration of properties would be uploaded on the LDA’s website regularly. Meshram said that LDA would be getting the survey of the city through the Geographical Information System (GIS) in the later stages. This would bring in the layout plan of the areas concerned into picture.

The LDA officials, however, said that the system, in the initial phase, would have details of properties allotted after 1990. “The earlier housing schemes have been excluded since their details were not kept in the LDA’s databank. However, if anyone from the older colonies comes to LDA to get a registry done, its records would be immediately loaded on the website,” said a senior LDA official. The website, LDA V-C claimed, would also enable an applicant to check his/her status vis-a-vis registration, and details of lottery juts by typing the challan/receipt number.

The LDA already had a website www.ldalucknow.com, but it had details just on the authority’s current and future projects.