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Lucknow city planners aim high on budgetary push

The Lucknow City planners and development agencies are elated at the provision of Rs 5,500 crore under the National Urban Renewal Mission (NURM) in the Union Budget. Now they can look forward to launch key development projects in the city.

The city badly needs a proper traffic and transport system, which includes land transport services as well as metro rail, underground parking, sub-ways, fly-overs and link roads. The city also needs a GIS for assessment of number of houses within the city limits. Other key priorities listed by the agencies are laying of a drainage system replacing the old one laid over 100 years back, particularly in Old City areas and strengthening of the drinking water supply network.

Commissioner, Lucknow Municipal Corporation, SP Singh explained that “The GIS, a satellite-based method, can help in mapping the entire city for assessing the number of houses and their locations. It would definitely prove beneficial to the LMC in widening its house tax network. In fact, the LMC can hope for recording at least four-fold increase in its revenue with the help of GIS. Moreover, the GIS data can be used for the city’s expansion and offering more facilities to people.”