LuciadMap V8.1 releases with new functionality

LuciadMap V8.1 releases with new functionality


Belgium – Luciad, announces that it has released LuciadMap Version 8.1 with substantial new functionality and increased performance, enabling developers to rapidly and effectively build and deploy high-end mission-critical systems.

LuciadMap is a suite of customizable software components that system integrators and original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing systems. The product has a global user base in aviation, security and maritime sectors. With version 8.1, Luciad adds additional accuracy, flexibility and performance to its LuciadMap software platform.

LuciadMap Version 8.1 offers even more accuracy and precision than before. The product now contains several optimization methods for image geo-referencing and rectification. Images such as for instance a scanned paper map can now be warped on the fly based on the tie points and a suitable optimization method. Improved buffer and corridor support helps the user to represent 2D buffer shapes, often used in the Security and ATC/ATM domains to define a safety corridor around a line. A new painter has been added to create, edit and render these shapes.

This latest release also provides Luciad customers with a dramatically increased display quality. The product has extended all its pen implementations with adaptive subdivision and supports several parameters to fine-tune the accurate display of geodetic lines, rhumblines, arcs and other shapes on a 2D view in different projections.

Luciad continuously expands its features to offer the most complete product. LuciadMap’s advanced terrain analysis functionality has been substantially extended with enhanced addons providing a lot more flexibility and configurability by offering the user an improved user interface and workspace support. From now on, LuciadMap also offers full integration with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). This allows applications using Eclipse RCP components to be enriched with the high visualization components from its Lucy application component framework.

“With improvements in terms of performance, flexibility, and accuracy this new release further strengthens LuciadMap as the number one high performance visualization platform in ATC, security, and maritime markets”, said Lode Missaen, Luciad CEO.