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LuciadEarth to be launched at DGI 2009, London

Canada: LuciadEarth, software targeted for defence applications, is scheduled to be launched at DGI 2009 conference, taking place in London on 19-22 January, 2009. The software has been specifically developed as a high performance, tile-based visualisation engine for virtually unlimited datasets in Command and Control environments. The technology is claimed to improve the Commander’s situational awareness to unprecedented levels by its ability to fuse raster and vector data of the entire Earth to any level of resolution. Combined with the high performance and high precision visualisation in 2D and 3D of the LuciadMap product suite, LuciadEarth is expected to open up a tremendous amount of new possibilities in surveillance, mission execution and real-time targeting.

“For Luciad, the DGI conference represents a great opportunity to introduce our latest LuciadEarth technology that will enable our customers to fuse and access all their available world data quickly and efficiently”, said Lode Missiaen, CEO from Luciad. “In addition to having the opportunity to display our products targeting the industry, we are excited to strengthen our relationship with clients and prospects at this event.”

DGI 2009 is Europe’s major annual gathering dedicated to high-level discussion addressing the major challenges of the defense and government geospatial intelligence community.