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Luciad User Conference Delivers Geospatial Innovation

BRUSSELS – Nearly 200 geospatial experts convened in Brussels on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 for the Luciad User Conference.

The event brought together geospatial experts in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to public safety, utilities, logistics and smart cities.

“We are very pleased to host Luciad’s user conference in Brussels, the capital of Europe,” said Luciad CEO Marc Melviez. “This event brings together a wide range of industries with speakers and participants from companies like Airbus Defence and Space, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa Systems, NATO, Network Rail UK, NVIDIA and Thales.”

The two-day conference focused on managers of geospatial projects, developers of geospatial projects and new business opportunities created by the growing amounts of geospatial “big data.”

During the conference Luciad and its partners presented their innovative geospatial technologies. NVIDIA, Openvalue, PALAMIR and UniFly used the event as an opportunity to present partnerships and products.    

Luciad Becomes NVIDIA GRID-certified Software Partner
Luciad is now an NVIDIA GRID-certified software partner. NVIDIA GRID graphics virtualization technology allows LuciadLightspeed to run in virtualized environments, harnessing the power of server farms.        

“By using cloud-hosted GRID GPUs to boost performance, Luciad is making the geospatial analytical power of its applications available to any user on any device in any location,” said Chip Carr, Geospatial Partner Manager at NVIDIA. “The agility, flexibility and security offered by NVIDIA GRID make this virtualised approach to delivering  LuciadLightspeed a potential game-changer.”

Optimizing Bike-Sharing with Openvalue
French Software company Openvalue presented its predictive bicycle-sharing platform at the 2015 Luciad User Conference. The platform solves the major pain point of city bicycle-sharing programs: no free spaces to return a bicycle.

“We chose LuciadLightspeed for its scalability since it is able to show thousands of users at the same time and in real time,” said Openvalue’s Marketing Director Thomas Graindorge. “Moreover, LuciadLightspeed allows fast and smooth transitions from global views to small areas.”

Smart & Safe Cities with PALAMIR
PALAMIR based in United Kingdom and Australia presented its C7i SECURE BORDERS platform. The cognitive big data platform utilizes both Smart and Safe City technologies together with ability to integrate industrial IoT for infrastructure security to provide predictive and prescriptive analysis for improved situational awareness. 

“Luciad provides PALAMIR with the only high-level geospatial situational awareness technology that truly meets our requirements,” said Peter Karidis, managing director of PALAMIR. “No other COTS enterprise system could handle multiple ingestions in real-time to present a variety of geospatial analysis side by side with PALAMIR unique SOCMINT and OSINT geo-analysis technologies for demanding clients.”

UniFly Announces Drone Management Platform SkyBridge
UniFly announced SkyBridge, a drone management platform guaranteeing an equivalent level of safety in comparison with manned aviation. The platform is based on the existing standards and requirements applicable in the aviation industry. It will allow drone users to maximize the airspace use.

“The components delivered by Luciad are a valuable asset in the situational awareness improvement for drone users”, said CEO Andres Van Swalm.


About Luciad
Luciad’s software components are designed for the creation of applications that tackle a range of tasks, from top-level strategy to tactical detail and mission planning to operations debriefing. By connecting directly to data sources, Luciad’s software not only analyzes and visualizes what is happening now, but also helps predict what will happen next – allowing users to act quickly and safely. “Connect, visualize, analyze, act” is both our method and our motto. www.luciad.com

About Openvalue
Openvalue is a French software publisher and a consulting company specialized in Data Science. Openvalue guides its clients in the creation of new competitive assets through new means of data exploitation: Big Data, Data Science and Internet of Things. www.openvalue.co

PALAMIR’s vision is to provide a new level of situational awareness for intelligence, defense and national security organizations using big data techniques to provide relevant, accurate, timely and actionable information for improved decision making. PALAMIR-C7i platform is designed to link data silos, whether internal or external to an organization, ingest and fuse disparate data formats, whether structured or unstructured, rapidly analyze data using automated processes and provide accurate real-time data streams that power situational awareness applications. We deliver this from a range of SOCMINT, OSINT, IoT and internal systems to deliver high level actionable insights for analysts. www.palamir.com

About UniFly
UniFly is a Belgian spin-off company of VITO (Flemisch Institute of Technological Research) which created an award-winning solution to safely integrate drones into the aviation system, called SkyBridge. The primary goal of UniFly is to facilitate the safe integration of drones into the aviation system. www.skybridge.aero