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Luciad signs important deal with Belgocontrol

Leuven, Belgium, March 4th 2008 – Luciad, the leading software provider for high performance visualization of geospatial information, has signed an important deal with Belgocontrol to build the organization’s Advanced Track Visualization System. The new solution will enable Belgocontrol decision makers to analyze air traffic data in an efficient and accurate manner.

Belgocontrol, the autonomous public company in charge of air traffic safety in the civil airspace governed by the Belgian State, is faced with the ever increasing complexity of air traffic. In particular for the area around Brussels Airport, the company needed a performant solution to analyze air traffic with respect to safety, efficiency and the environment.

LuciadMap, Luciad’s out-of-the-box software platform for ATC/ATM, provided a perfect match to Belgocontrol’s requirements to build a high performance information solution in the shortest possible timeframe. Luciad’s state-of-the art technology and its expertise in Air Traffic Management were the main reasons for selecting the LuciadMap solution.

The LuciadMap-based Advanced Track Visualization System has an intuitive, highly interactive graphical user interface that will allow the operator to have online access to all relevant data, monitor flights in near real-time, playback recorded flights, analyze performance and visualize possible incidents. The database driven application will enable operators to visualize archived track data synchronized with voice-input from the controller and replay ATC frequencies in 2D and 3D on top of digital maps of the Brussels Airport area like orthophotos and topographical maps, combined with accurate electronic data.