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Luciad introduces LuciadMap V2.0 for transportation & navigation

Luciad proudly introduces the latest version of its flagship product LuciadMap: LuciadMap V2.0, a Java software to visualize and distribute geographical information in networked environments. Version 2.0 adds a host of new features and enhanced functionality to satisfy user requirements in the areas of Air Traffic Control (ATC), Command and Control (C2), Transportation, and Facility Management.

LuciadMap Version 2.0 includes enhanced and new map graphics components for map visualization, new domain object geometries to model real objects, and new raster formats decoders.

In addition, LuciadMap V2.0 offers the user three optional packages, based on Luciad’s extensive R&D in display software for Air Traffic Control and Command and Control. New vertical and altitude views in LuciadMap V2.0 enable users to render and edit the vertical profile of three-dimensional geometries. This application can display trajectories, air routes and intersections with a vertical view of airspace elements, allowing the user to view flight altitudes along a time or distance axis.

A Terrain Analysis Package contains components for implementing terrain analysis functionalities. This package enables users to view the elevation of the terrain above mean sea level by a simple mouse move over the map. Line-of-sight and coverage calculations are supported as well.

LuciadMap V2.0’s optional real-time package features components for implementing real-time related functionalities and animations in applications ranging from simulation playback to real-time air picture displays.