Low-cost satellite system for transmitting data

Low-cost satellite system for transmitting data


Australia: A new communications system being trialled at the University of South Australia (UniSA) could radically lower the cost of using satellites to send and receive sensor information collected in Australia’s vast unpopulated areas. Additionally, the new signal processing system also enables a satellite to ‘hear’ thousands of different signals at once with no loss of quality.

Professor Alex Grant, Director of UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) says the Global Sensor Network would provide a low cost, two-way satellite messaging system for many applications including environmental monitoring, livestock tracking, animal and fish migration research, remote control of mining and drilling sites, national security and defence, and vessel tracking.

The network would consist of an array of low earth orbit satellites, on board each of which is a receiver to record and process sensor data; multiple terminals on land and in the sea containing GPS receivers and sensors; and a ground-based data hub.

Source: Spatial Source