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Lots of Investment in the field of GIS in the coming years in India

It has been found in a survey, that the expenditure on GIS (geographical information systems)-related business applications is expected to touch over Rs 5,000 crores during the year 2003-04 in India, according to the International Data Corporation. There is an immense scope for geo-technology applications in India as the market size for GIS software is expected to reach $1.2 billion worldwide.
The survey has predicted that GIS software growth rate will reach 15-20 per cent based on a survey. Combined with hardware and software for geo-spatial system, the world market size is predicted to be around $4 billion. With GIS joining the enterprise resource planning (ERP) structure, many enterprise builders like Oracle, IBM, Informix, Sybase, etc are developing spatial capabilities. The market opportunities in terms of employment in geo-technology applications is attracting professionals across the world, said Mapworld Technologies MD and vice-chairman of IRF-Geo India Mr G S Kumar.