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Los Angeles Police Department implements enterprise GIS platform

California, USA, 25 September 2006: The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has selected ESRI for an Enterprise GIS platform that will provide numerous benefits to staff across the organization. The implementation will include ESRI software, services, and application development. ESRI will provide GIS applications and spatial data access for uses such as incident management, 911 and communications, emergency management, and homeland security.

GIS will serve as a core tool in the CompStat inspection process, which will allow command staff to use spatial technology to look at digital maps of criminal activity and compare them with everything from arrests to calls for service and more.

The new crime analysis selection came after a vigorous screening and investigation process. The resulting crime mapping system will provide information integration, geocoding, spatial analysis, georeporting, and map output capabilities.

– About CompStat
The CompStat system was developed by Los Angeles police chief William Bratton while working as police chief for New York City. CompStat is an inspection process with GIS as one component of the overall process. Statistical analysis, risk management, and other data are produced using the CompStat framework. GIS provides the visualization, geoquery, and spatial analysis functionality of CompStat.