Los Angeles county extends agreement with Pictometry

Los Angeles county extends agreement with Pictometry


Pictometry International Corp., the leaders in digital, aerial oblique imagery and measuring software, recently announced the Chief Information Office of Los Angeles County, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC), has extended its license agreement for new oblique, digital aerial imagery and software. The project will encompass the oblique imaging capture of over 4,000 square miles of the county.

Pictometry’s software enables users to quickly and easily access up to 12 different oblique (3D-like) high-resolution views of any property, building, highway, landmark, or other feature in a county. The software also enables users to obtain measurements directly from the georeferenced imagery as well as insert and overlay GIS and other data.

LAR-IAC is tasked with providing a wide-range of digital aerial imagery and geospatial data for all county and local municipalities in Los Angeles County. As part of the ongoing cost-sharing project, Pictometry’s high-resolution imagery of the county will be updated and utilized by participating members via services established by the LAR-IAC.

Some of the agencies that are currently utilizing Pictometry(r) data include the county Departments of Regional Planning, Beaches and Harbors, Public Works, and the Assessor; and the cities of Los Angeles (including the Los Angeles Police Department), Glendale and Cerritos including their internal departments. All public entities as determined by the LAR-IAC, including the 88 cities within the county, are eligible to join the LAR-IAC provided they share in the costs of data acquisition. As part of the deliverables, they will receive the new imagery and new updates of Pictometry’s professional software, Electronic Field Study(tm) (EFS), that can be integrated with ESRI’s ArcIMS and ArcGIS technology.