Home News Long Beach uses GPS Vehicle Tracking System to help manage vehicle fleets

Long Beach uses GPS Vehicle Tracking System to help manage vehicle fleets

Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc.(RSI), a global provider of customized GPS vehicle tracking solutions, announced the completion of the initial phase of a multi-agency Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system for the City of Long Beach. To better manage department vehicles throughout the entire city, Long Beach turned to RSI to design this one-of-a-kind, city wide vehicle tracking solution.

The first phase of the system has been installed for Long Beach Energy — the newly formed merger of the Long Beach Gas and Electric Department and the Public Works Department. The vehicle tracking system is currently operating in nearly 100 vehicles for Solid Waste Collection and Street Sweeper vehicles and will be expanded to parking enforcement, Long Beach Unified School District, and Long Beach Fire Departments in the near future. Each agency will track their own fleet on individual interfaces to the AVL system, but will utilize the same central backbone. This arrangement will effectively provide the city with multiple AVL systems but drastically lower “per vehicle costs” by sharing infrastructure. Also unique to this AVL system is the use of the 220MHz radio frequency, which will provide the communications network for the system. For more information on other Radio Satellite Integrators vehicle tracking systems, visit the RSI website at www.radsat.com.