London’s map for criminologists

London’s map for criminologists


London, UK: A new website,, is compiling data on every reported murder in the London’s history, and then mapping the results with the help of Google Maps. Murder Map will eventually bring together the incredible archives of the Old Bailey with details of modern murders.

In the site owner’s own words: “Murder Map is an ever evolving project, whose scope stretches into the future as well as the past, and the database will constantly be updated with new cases, so the picture it creates is as complete as possible. What truths this picture will reveal, or what conclusions can be drawn from it, is up to the users of the site”

The Google map is a simple, clean affair, allowing the user to filter results by murder type and call up information about each case. So far, the map only goes back to 2008 (with a few special cases such as the Ripper murders). Richmond, The City and Hampstead stand out as murderless pockets in an otherwise homogeneously dense circle of homicide. The site also has a News section, pulling in daily reports, and a blog about murder law.

The whole project is an impressive tool for social historians and criminologists, but also offers a macabre if fascinating visualisation for the rest of the world.

Source: Londonist