London introduces GPS tagging of prolific criminals

London introduces GPS tagging of prolific criminals


UK: To keep the crime off-street, London has issued a new pilot scheme that allows one hundred of its most prolific criminals to be fitted with a GPS tag which will track their movements 24 hours a day. The pilot scheme will allow constant monitoring of the subjects’ location. The scheme being part funded by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, can ensure offenders abide by conditions such as a sex offender not going near a school or a gang member staying out of a rival’s territory.

Once implemented, the scheme can easily identify re-offenders wearing GPS tags by tracking their location. The exercise also aims to prevent young people in their teenage years from recommitting their last offence.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Cracking down on reoffending is essential as we continue to tackle crime across the capital. This innovative pilot uses the latest GPS technology to help deter reoffending and aid rehabilitation.”

“It’s these kind of pioneering projects, from body worn video and tablets, to sobriety tags that are helping us to ensure London remains the greatest and safest big city on earth.”

Justice Minister Dominic Raab said: “This technology can reinforce public protection, strengthen rehabilitation so offenders are dealing with their problems, and critically drive down re-offending. The London pilot will inform our plans to roll out GPS tagging nationwide.”

Source: Standard.Co.UK