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Logistics supplier firm calls for ‘Virtual Australia’

Australia: Michael Haines, Chief Executive Westgate Ports, a large ports logistics supplier in Australia, has called for a government enterprise to manage the country’s virtual asset base. Haines said that its organisation’s prime goal would be to maintain a vast national database required to provide an accurate, topographic 3D map of the country or “Virtual Australia”.

Haines believes that state and territory-owned unlisted public company, PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agencies) Australia, could take on the function or provide the model for a new government business enterprise to complete the task.

“It would seem that a similar, if not that company, ought to establish a Virtual Australia portal that will allow people in the industry to have a meeting place to facilitate collaboration amongst researchers and spark business opportunities,” Haines added.

“It also would act as the market place for the various parts required to construct Virtual Australia, like base spatial data, semantic data, algorithms and models that go into simulations and the photographs that provide the surface to the built environment,” Haines continued.

Virtual Australia would allow companies to simulate large-scale environmental design and building projects at low cost, mimicking practices already adopted by manufacturers.

Source: The Australian