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LogicaCMG awarded Galileo security facility development contracts

8 May 2006 – LogicaCMG announced that it has been selected for three important development contracts valued at over 20 million Euros (about £14 million) in Europe’s Galileo programme. The three contracts are to develop the facilities that manage the most security sensitive elements of the programme – the Public Regulated Service Key Management Facility (PKMF), the Mission Key Management Facility (MKMF) and the Ground Control Segment Key Management Facility (GCS-KMF).

These key management facilities, developed to stringent security specifications, will assure continued and accurate service to authorised users. They generate, distribute and manage cryptographic keys that will be used by a range of security modules within Galileo, in both the ground segment and onboard the satellites.

The core team for these facilities draws on LogicaCMG specialists from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. In accordance with the procurement procedures of Galileo Industries and ESA, LogicaCMG will now begin the process of selecting subcontractors from across Europe to supply the many components necessary to develop these complex facilities.