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Lockheed wins contract for system design review of NAVSTAR

USA, 1 January 2007 – Lockheed Martin Corp. has won a $50 million contract from the US Air Force to conduct a system design review for the next-generation NAVSTAR Global Positioning System space segment programme.

The next-generation programme, known as GPS Block III, will address changing military and civil needs around the globe, including advanced anti-jam capabilities and improved system security, accuracy and reliability, Lockheed Martin said. The programme ultimately will enhance space-based navigation and performance and set a new standard for global positioning and timing services.

The company recently finished a GPS III system requirements review under a $10 million follow-on contract to a 2004 Phase A Concept Development contract. The current contract will further assist the government in defining its approach to the space segment specification. The Air Force’s Global Positioning Systems Wing, Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, plans to award a multibillion dollar development contract in 2007.