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Lockheed to launch GeoEye-2 satellite

US: GeoEye has chosen Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services to ferry the company’s next-generation, high-resolution Earth-imaging satellite — called GeoEye-2 — to orbit aboard an Atlas 5 rocket.

The 4,600-pound GeoEye-2 satellite is ready for launch in late 2012 and will be operational in early 2013.

Jack Zivic, General Manager of Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services said, “Our commitment to the accuracy and timeliness of the delivery and our dedication to the criticality of the mission match the needs and expectations of GeoEye and its customers. The Atlas offers significant lift capability to this type of orbit. We are currently soliciting interest from other satellite operators who need to place their satellites in a similar orbit.”

GeoEye officials said that once the new spacecraft is operational, it will be the world’s highest-resolution and most accurate commercial Earth-imaging satellite. The first GeoEye rode to space aboard a Delta 2 rocket that blasted off from Vandenberg in 2008.

Source: Lockheed Martin