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Lockheed powers up second GPS III satellite

US: Lockheed Martin has recently announced that it has turned on power to the bus and network communications equipment of the GPS III Space Vehicle 2 (SV-02), the second satellite of the program. Successfully powered on Dec. 19, 2013, at Lockheed Martin’s Denver-based GPS III Processing Facility, the GPS III SV-02 has reached an important production benchmark that validates its interfaces and mechanical integration, and will soon be capable of further electrical and software-hardware integration testing.

“The GPS III SV-02 bus power on is a significant milestone, positioning SV-02 in line with the Air Force’s first GPS III space vehicle, SV-01, in our GPF, where both satellites are progressing through sequential integration and test work stations specifically designed for efficient and affordable satellite production,” said Mark Stewart, vice president for Lockheed Martin’s Navigation Systems mission area. According to Lockheed Martin, GPS III satellites will have a 25 percent longer spacecraft life, deliver three times better accuracy, and provide eight times more effective anti-jamming capabilities. The system will also transmit a new civilian-use signal that will enhance civilian user connectivity.

Source: Lockheed Martin