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Lockheed bags $120 mn contract for new GPS satellites

US: The US Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin Space Systems with $120 million for two contracts to build the next four GPS satellites in the new GPS III programme.

All assembly, integration and testing of the four satellites will be done at Lockheed Martin”s Jefferson County facility.

The two new fixed-price contracts will continue the US Air Force”s process for replacing its aging GPS satellites with more accurate and advanced locating services. Lockheed Martin is currently in production with the first four GPS III satellites.

“This most recent award and our team”s ability to convert the contract structure to fixed price is a sign that we are on track to meet the affordability objectives and commitments we originally set out to achieve,” said Lt Col Todd Caldwell, the US Air Force”s GPS III program manager.

And while the military is paying for the satellites, a new signal design will be implemented on the satellites that specifically enhance the experience for commercial users.

This improvement will allow the satellites to communicate with other international GPS satellites — broadening the pool of signals that a user can pull from, which increases location precision.

Source: Denver Post