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Lockheed, AeroVironment to jointly pursue UAS markets

courtesy- AeroVirionment. US: AeroVironment and Lockheed Martin have agreed to jointly pursue unmanned aircraft systems development opportunities. AeroVironment’s primary focus of the collaboration relates to integrating Lockheed Martin mission systems, ground systems and technology with AeroVironment’s Global Observer — a high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aircraft that can stay aloft for up to a week.

“Numerous customers are seeking persistent solutions for wide-area applications, such as border surveillance and communications, that are much more affordable than those available previously," said Roy Minson, AeroVironment senior vice president and general manager of its Unmanned Aircraft Systems business segment. "Lockheed Martin’s broad systems integration expertise gives us the opportunity to work together and develop innovative, end-to-end atmospheric satellite systems built around Global Observer that deliver breakthrough capabilities to customers,” added Roy. “At Lockheed Martin, we look forward to partnering with AeroVironment to potentially develop integrated solutions for the unmanned systems market. Using our expertise in systems integration and AeroVironment’s knowledge of unmanned aircraft solutions, we will together look for opportunities to develop innovative technologies that create value for new and existing customers,” said Paul Lemmo, Lockheed Martin senior vice president, corporate strategy and business development.

Source: Auvsi