Location technology creates ”microjobs” for smartphone users

Location technology creates ”microjobs” for smartphone users


France: Smartphone users can now use their high-tech phones to earn an extra buck. A novel smartphone app, AppJobber, utilises location technology and crowdsourced data to create various microjobs.

With all these phones available and their locations pinpointed by satellite navigation, Tobias Klug and Robert Lokaiczyk of German company “wer denkt was” (“who thinks what”) had the idea of a service doing ‘microjobs’ via crowdsourcing.

“Why not distribute small jobs to all these phones and get people out there to do them in return for a small payment? It’s cheaper than companies sending out their own employees and in the end often faster and more flexible,” says Dr Lokaiczyk.

The company is now supported by the ESA Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt, one of seven centres across Europe.

“We now have clients like Deutsche Bahn who would like to know when one of their ticket machines is out of order, a signboard is not working, a station light has failed or something has been vandalised,” says Dr Krug, CEO.

“This can easily be resolved by anyone with a smartphone passing the stations – just take a picture, write a few words and send it in. The images are location-tagged precisely with satellite navigation data. And the one doing the microjob gets paid a few euros.”

Advertised on maps, users can easily see jobs in their vicinity, each presented with a short description, what is required and the amount offered. Typically, a couple of pictures are required along with a completed questionnaire.

Source: ESA