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Location intelligence proves essential to healthcare provisioning

MapInfo has announced several new customers for its recently launched health resource management solution, MapInfo HealthPro, which together with related purchases, extends the use of MapInfo Location Intelligence in the Health sector. These new customer wins include: Brent PCT, Camden PCT, Kensington and Chelsea PCT, Westminster PCT, Lothian NHS Board, and Leeds Health Informatics Services. In a related contract, West Sussex Shared Services Consortium, which provides services to five PCTs and one Health and Social Care Trust, has extended its use of MapInfo solutions. Developed in association with Ordnance Survey, MapInfo HealthPro provides sophisticated geographical analysis of healthcare hotspots and trends, allowing health managers and directors to dynamically map available resources against a patient’ location and requirements. Other functions of MapInfo HealthPro include the ability to predict trends and share information; an assessment of Key Performance Indicators for local regions against national averages and the delivery of information online, empowering patients with multi-channel access.

Ian Bullard, of the geographical mapping office at Leeds Health Informatics Services, which serves all five PCTs in the region, identified functionality and the opportunity for increased efficiencies as the key motivations for an investment in MapInfo HealthPro. The availability of Scottish specific data from the Ordnance Survey as well as ease-of-use were critical factors in the decision to invest in MapInfo HealthPro, as identified by Mette Tranter, development manager (intelligence assets) of Lothian NHS Board, which is based in Edinburgh. MapInfo HealthPro was launched in March 2003 to help PCTs, Strategic Health Authorities, Regional Health Authorities and Health Observatories in the UK (including Scotland and Wales) to meet the government’s NHS modernisation targets.