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Location-Based Services on your mobile

ESRI, announced that Orange Slovensko, the largest Slovakian telecommunication operator, recently launched a suite of mass-market short message service (SMS) and wireless applications protocol (WAP) location-based service (LBS) applications based on ESRI’s GIS technology, and Cell ID mobile positioning.

Orange subscribers can find the locations of the nearest selected facilities, such as hotels, ATMs, fuel stations, restaurants, service workshops, hospitals, and so forth, as well as the residences of their friends and acquaintances on maps directly displayed on their mobile phones. In addition, they can determine the immediate geographic location of other users who are simultaneously using the system. Location-based games and access to an Internet interface of a localization application are also available.

ESRI software played a key role in the solutions developed by Orange Slovensko for its LBS applications. ArcSDE ensures the processing and immediate display of information from the enormous spatial databases stored in the Oracle database management system (DBMS), and ArcIMS provides for the creation and display of maps for LBS applications in the WAP and Internet environments. The optimal configuration of spatial data servers adjusted for the extensive operational load is the result of the professional cooperation between the GIS department of Orange Slovensko and ArcGEO Information Systems, s.r.o., a sub-distributor to SynerGIS. During the preparation phase of its location services development, Orange Slovensko had to process large volumes of spatial data of different types and qualities. This task has been accomplished by using a number of ESRI’s GIS software products including ArcInfo, ArcPad, ArcView, and ArcGIS extensions.