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Location based marketing with Integrated Property Data

With its Integrated Property Data, Nagold is providing an application for managing all relevant real estate information. IGD provides information on the availability of municipal properties. Users are also given all the essential details on location criteria, site factors and purchase price, together with graphical information such as building plans, the local development situation and the relevant orthographic photo. This market data, planning information and geo information come from the communal GIS solution running under SICAD/open. To distribute this up-to-date geo-referenced knowledge among all the relevant internal departments on the intranet and to offer it through IGD on the web, Nagold has opted for the SICAD Internet Map Services (SICAD-IMS) solution. This means that the city can react quickly to enquiries from investors. By actively marketing its real estate in this way, the city is placing itself in a strong position in this competitive market. At a later date, this system could be made available to local property agents and private suppliers of property so that they can present their data. The system applications include the digital land use plan and the building plans created since 2001 in SICAD-BBP. By using the geo-referenced orthographic photos, which cover the entire area, it is possible for example to construct height lines in new development areas. Typical users of geo-information in city administrations include structural and civil engineering departments, building authorities, planning offices and real estate offices.