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Local experts helping map Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Spatial Networks, a geospatial solution provider, is mapping Afghanistan for some time now and recently began open discussion on its efforts. According to Anthony Quartararo, President and CEO, Spatial Networks, the company wants the world to know that there is a vibrant and healthy community of local GIS and geospatial technology experts resident in Afghanistan that care very much for the future of the country. These experts are keen to apply technology to secure a better future for their country as well as for themselves.

The project scope is ambitious and unparalleled in history. The company will completely map the entire country (650,000+ sq km) at 1:25,000 scale and all the provincial capitals and urban centres at 1:5,000 scale. It has formed dedicated teams that also focus on points of interest (POIs) in the urban areas. Furthermore, the project team conducts field verification of features (points, lines & polygons) that are undetermined from imagery sources.

Source: Spatial Networks