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Loc8 Code proposes address solution to Ireland

UK: Loc8 Code Ltd, provider of an all-Ireland digital address code system that has generated 45,00 new codes for the public, has offered its services to provide the country a digital address code system since the current system proposed cannot be used directly by sat navs, iPhones or other GPS-enabled devices.

Loc8 Code is planning to employ up to 20 people, to ensure an effective and efficient rollout of the system. The system can also deliver considerable savings in transport costs because of the precision of the address when used in conjunction with a satellite navigation device.

Gary Delaney, CEO, Loc8 Code, is a former naval officer and is an experienced land and hydrographic surveyor who has advised and trained both government and blue-chip organisations in the use of GPS for everything from precise surveying to people tracking.

“We are convinced that the government will see the merits of using Loc8 Code’s tried and tested digital address code system as a national system providing the most precise information countrywide, including Northern Ireland,” Delaney said.

“We are supported by Enterprise Ireland in our efforts and feel our offering is the solution to the government’s requirements. Since our launch on July 12, 2010, more than 65,000 people have visited our website and over 45,000 new codes have been generated for people to utilise – proving that both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are adapting to this user friendly modern system,” Delaney said.

A smarter form of postcode
Describing the system as “a smarter form of postcode” (it brings the user to within + or – 6 metres of any location), Delaney stated that Loc8 Code is already being embraced by several multi-national and national businesses, organisations and members of the public who have moved to incorporate Loc8 Code into their day-to-day operations.

According to the recent Irish Government’s Oireachtas Report, the Loc8 Code system, could be suitable for adoption as the national postcode. The system, which has been nominated for several Realex Web Awards, is very simple to use, and works through the input of address information of any location into the Loc8 Code website. The site then generates a unique navigation code and assigns it to the individual location.

Garmin Europe has put considerable resources behind promoting the Loc8 Code functionality on its sat-nav devices and they have been thoroughly satisfied with the results achieved in terms of ease of access and saving of the time and fuel.

Slashing costs
In its previous reports, PA Consulting identified how current government plans for a broad area-based postcode would not solve the problem with non-unique addressing in Ireland. It is widely known now, since the introduction of Loc8 Codes, that Garmin and Loc8 Code Ltd have solved this problem by allowing properties and any other locations to have their own unique Loc8 Code to ensure they can be found fast and efficiently, saving time and fuel costs.

“The use of Loc8 Codes would slash the EUR 50 million costs currently budgeted for in a previous PA report for the broad area system proposed by the government – as most of the work is already done by Loc8 Code with the support of Enterprise Ireland and the most precise mapping available through Ordnance Survey Ireland,” Delaney said.

Source: Siliconrepublic.com