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LizardTech releases Express Server 6

Seattle, USA, 11 June 2007: LizardTech has released the Express Server 6 for distribution of massive geospatial image datasets via the Internet. Express Server 6 advances GIS interoperability with new features such as Oracle integration, Geography Markup Language (GML), metadata for JPEG 2000 (JP2) and updated and newly added sample Web applications.

With the Oracle integration, Express Server 6 acts as an intermediary between Oracle and other applications. Express Server 6 distributes imagery stored in Oracle databases running Spatial Express, LizardTech’s database plug-in. In addition, Express Server preserves the security by using Oracle’s security infrastructure.

GMLJP2 has been adopted as a standard for adding GML metadata to JPEG 2000 images. Express Server 6 recognizes GML metadata stored in JPEG 2000 imagery and renders the image in the correct geospatial location and projection system. It also recognizes requests for imagery using the WMS interface where imagery is requested in coordinates from the GML metadata. By supporting GML for JP2 imagery, Express Server 6 ensures that your JPEG 2000 imagery is interoperable and geospatially correct. The LizardTech site quotes the Minimum Recommended Selling Price(MRSP) of the software at $6,999.